Journey of self-discovery

How far you go depends on your approach and how early you start

This journey has different stages. If you’ve just started reading and thinking, maybe you’ll be in wonderment stage. Then perhaps stoic and then maybe hyper-rationalist. And once you have soaked in all of that, you may become post-rationalist to connect all the dots from the depth (history) and breadth (knowledge areas) of collected data and see where you fit in.

Also, above stages may not happen in the same sequence but the key point is:

  • Those who never read, question or explore, are nowhere in this journey
  • Those who start late or lose interest, remain in in early stages only and their entire life’s philosophy, interests and thought patterns reflect the stage where they are stuck in
  • Those who start early or move faster and deeper, only they are the ones who demystify the most things in life and ‘that’ reflects in (1) maturity of their thoughts, (2) openness and tolerance to many viewpoints, and (3) eloquence and problem-solving patterns

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